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Yoga Helps You Hit Bottom

  I remember taking a for-credit yoga class at my university in the early 90’s. We dissected the postures and every so often, the teacher would throw out a yogic […]

Yoga and the Five Koshas

  Did you know that there are actually five of you?  ….Or rather, five distinct layers that constitute you.  Would you like to know what those five parts are and […]

Five Poses for the Summer Season!

Five Postures for the Summer Season! Summer is in full swing! There is so much to appreciate about this season; spending time outdoors, being more adventurous, travel and doing yoga […]

Are You Dedicated in Practice?

How often do we ask ourselves “Am I dedicated?” Almost by definition, yoga is limitless.  Yoga helps us live more skillfully in the world and ultimately, move beyond the constraints […]

Why Study Yoga Anatomy?

Anatomy is the study of the structure and function of the human body, broken down into its parts. Anatomy is the study of the components that create a unified whole. […]

The Cornerstone of All Yoga Practice

Prana & Breath – Part I Most of us know yoga through the postures. Perhaps we have even heard the Sanskrit word “prana” mentioned in class, though this is the […]

Yogis Don’t Need Resolutions

Break the Mold of Traditional “Resolutions” Welcome to a New Year yogis! As we set new intentions, goals and visions for the next 12 months let’s all agree that we […]

Mindful Gift Giving 6 Ways

Giving in a way that promotes mindfulness take some intention. It’s the Holiday season. So it’s just natural to be in a state of gratitude and celebration. Our focus is […]