In our small community minded way…

Our offerings support the students to become more integrated and self aware. This renewed perspective ripples out into other aspects of their life.  They bring centered and resourced energy with them wherever they go and into their relationships.

We envision programs where students and teachers co-create a vibrant, living space. Done well, a community maximizes relationships, creates partnerships, fosters creativity, and contributes to the greater good.

Consider, have you ever felt motivated to improve upon yourself but where to isolated to make it happen?

Whether it be a lack of discipline or simply not knowing the best way to go about change, it can be hard to grow alone. Conversely, as a DYU student, your yoga peers will dramatically support you to live into your highest self.

What’s more, it is so much easier to make changes; to adjust your diet, lifestyle, and priorities to be supportive of your growth.  You don’t have to carry the burden of “I should…” all alone.

Yoga teacher training graduates often go on to teach through our connections with Yoga for the People or Guided by Humanity, or similar grassroots organizations, and larger studio spaces. Denver Yoga Underground is committed to not only serving its students but also the greater community.