Teacher Training Testimonials

Teacher training student performs pashasana, a yoga pose.

Denver Yoga Underground offers limited opportunities to take a class and see the space. Check our Events List for the chance to meet us in person or schedule an acuity appointment. Student teacher training testimonials are another way to get an inside view of what we do.  Also check our  reviews on Google and with the Yoga Alliance.

Kathy D.

teacher training student doing a yoga posture.I have grown in all ways. I now have the confidence and skill to support others in the practice of yoga, which is a huge privilege.

I found community, guidance, challenge and growth in training training. It was an unforgettable experience and worth every bit of effort.
Thank you Thank you!!
Shanti Shanti OM
-Kathy D.

Melanie H.
African American teacher training student in a yoga pose.

This training brought me back into my self again. The teaching program taught me how yoga is universal. Additionally, it honored my gifts as a teacher, a contemplative practice scholar, and student of African healing traditions.

The training helped to revitalize my spirit! It helped me align my spiritual values with my mind and body.

The value of the Denver Yoga Underground is incredible. If you are looking for a boost in life a new way to revitalize your practice, you’ve found it! Sigh up today!

DYU gave me new tools to use in the classroom and helped me get back in touch with my passion for teaching.  The teachers care about your practice, know how to help you meet your goals, and challenge you to be your best self on and off the mat.


Ashley C.

A teacher training student binds her arms in a yoga pose.I had already been teaching for 3 years and decided to enroll in the Denver Yoga Underground’s program. I wanted something that was true classical yoga. Beyond just asana. In part, I also enrolled so I could register with the Yoga Alliance.  The program gave me much more than I’d hoped for!  My own personal practice grew immensely andI grew as a teacher as well. Just what I needed!

-Ashley C.

Jessica M.

yoga training student in chair pose

Each teacher cares deeply. Their committed and dedication alone was very inspiring!

Initially, I felt uncertain, even terrified to teach a practicum to the general public at the end of the training.  Derik said that it would be a long road but we would be ready by the end. He was right!

Somewhere along the way I had acquired all of the necessary skills, I felt very at ease to share what I had learned with others. I contribute my confidence to these amazing instructors and know that I am prepared me for the future, both on and off my mat.

-Jessica M.

Anthony D.

yoga poseFirst off, thank you so much for the intensive: the knowledge and experience you have given me was the foundation I needed to pursue my spiritual journey. I deepened my experiential knowledge of  Yoga, from meditation and pranayama to the physical asana.

The community born from the intensive was the quintessence of the program. Through the support of teachers and fellow student I devoloped my personal and integrated practice.

-Anthony D.

Lourdes R.

I have become more aware of yoga practices aside from just asana.  Now I have a daily meditation practice. Many of previous and unsupportive views of life were uprooted and prepared with positive perspective. Any yogi with a desire to deepen their own practice or become a teacher will benefit from this program.  The instructors are amazing!

-Lourdes R.

Additional Teacher Training Testimonials

“One of the fondest, most exceptional experiences of my life.” The entire experience was better than I ever could have imagined. The essence of yoga emerges and speaks for itself. The training proved to be so comprehensive and enriching that by its end I not only felt ready to teach, I now enjoy teaching immensely and sharing with others the gifts DYU afforded me.

I can’t even express enough how rich the program is! I was thinking about taking a yoga teacher training for a very long time but it took me only one session/conversation with Derik to decide to dive into the program! All the teachers are amazingly knowledgeable too.  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and giving me the confidence and knowledge to be a teacher. I will continue to share my experience from Denver Yoga Underground to all my students!

I am so grateful for the experience
and the teachers at DYU! I had been practicing yoga for about three years when I decided I wanted to deepen my practice even more -not just focus on asana. I thrived because I had the support and training of incredible teachers who are dedicated to the practice and success of the students. DYU’s program prepared me to be a positive and authentic yoga teacher.

Participation in DYU’s training was the pivot point in my personal practice and has allowed me to work with my students at a much higher level of confidence and expertise. DYU is unique in its approach to training future instructors. DYU’s Pay-As-You-Can, inclusive approach exemplifies what I feel are the very best precepts of Yoga.

Denver Yoga Underground’s YTT was incredible! The instructors were knowledgeable, kind and committed to helping each student integrate the material into their own lives. Whether you want to teach, broaden your personal practice or both, DYU is a fabulous venue to delve deeper into the subtleties of yoga. The program also connects you to a vibrant community of fellow graduates. I would highly recommend this training program. It’s a wonderful investment!

My yoga practice and my life have been fully altered in beautiful ways by the yoga teacher training I completed with DYU. I had been practicing yoga asana for 5 years before then.  I have never felt healthier than I did during the training, and my practice had never been so deep. I feel like I became part of an amazing community, with whom I still keep in contact. Now I have to tools to teach yoga to troubled teens twice a week with the confidence that I can guide them through it.

DYU exceed all my expectations and gave me experiences I never expected to have! I was a pretty experienced student of Yoga asanas (postures). But I knew that there must be much more to actually teaching Yoga than I had to offer. I have specialized in pre and post natal health and fitness, which includes teaching prenatal yoga and mom & baby yoga.

Axis helped me move beyond my challenges and take my personal practice to a new level. I found a deeper sense of self in my yoga practice and the ability to share this practice with others is now just a bonus. I truly enjoy serving as an instructor in the 4 classes I teach each week. Axis instructors are authentic as well as experienced and their focus on building community makes me proud to have studied under them.

My perception of yoga immediately changed…I researched Yoga Teacher Trainings in Denver and that led me back to Derik and DYU. Having a place to learn that solely focused on training teachers carried a lot of weight in my decision. This was the school for me! The teachers at DYU delivered teachings for a lifetime; the yoga that was covered was beyond anything I had expected. Further teacher training testimonials below.

Participating in Denver Yoga Underground’s training was one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences for me. Each teacher was so caring and committed and their dedication alone was quite inspiring. Yoga, because of this training, has become so much more spiritual to me and more profound in my life. I don’t believe you can partake in this program without experiencing a sense of self-evolution – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

First off, thank you so much for the intensive: the knowledge and experience you have given me was the foundation I needed to actively pursue my spiritual journey.  The community that was born from the intensive was the quintessence of the program and through the support of the teachers and student I was able to develop my personal, integrated practice of yoga. Without the guidance of Derik, Brenna, Beth and friends from the program, none of this would have been possible. Thank you my dearest mentors.

I have evolved personally by becoming more aware of yoga practices aside from just asana.  I have cultivated a daily meditation practice.  I have been exposed to (and loved!) chanting.  I have challenged many of my previously held ideas and beliefs about yoga and life. Any yogi with a desire to deepen their own practice or become a teacher would benefit from this program.  The instructors are amazing!