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Integrated Yoga Postures

Integrated yoga Postures Integrated yoga postures do not happen on their own.  An astute yoga teacher goes beyond a route understanding of poses or scripped sequences.  More than likely, they understand anatomy and physiology and how all the components of the body fit together. This allows them to intelligently sequence their yoga classes such that […]

Opening Doors

Yoga for Everyone Happy Holidays, Thank you for staying with me as I’ve broken my record in the proximity of newsletters over the past few months, but with so many big changes happening over the course of this year, there has been much to share.  I send this final letter of 2019 to share with […]

Develop a Home Practice

How Do I Develop a Home Practice? In an age of unprecedented amounts of distractions, it’s no wonder that so many people struggle with having a regular home practice. How to start?  Ideally you receive instruction from a qualified teacher who gives a specific method and guidance based on your particular psycho-physiological constitution. Pranayama (breathing […]

Being A Yoga Student In Our Training

What does being a student look like in our program? Yoga teacher training is a significant undertaking for every student. And one should be aware of the demands and expectations in advance. Enter the Unknown – Some, if not much, of the content in this program may be new to you.  The content might seem foreign […]

Strong Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training

Seven Strong Reasons To Do A Teacher Training No matter what program you decide to go with (ours or another), a yoga teacher training costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time and asks a lot of you personally. There are many reasons to never take one up. There are also many seven […]

Deepen Your Personal Practice And Teach

Four Steps to Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practice and Become a Yoga Teacher With Depth: Step #1: Be Inquisitive & Expand Your Options Mainstream yoga focuses on the postures.  However, the potential scope of yoga is far more encompassing. A individual yoga practice is essential to your success as a student and a teacher. I suggest expanding […]

These traits make for a good match

These traits make for a good match:  There are lots of yoga teacher trainings in Denver. Each with its own approach and clientele.  Here is a list of qualities that most resonate with us. And, in full disclosure, the qualities that don’t. You don’t see yoga as a fad, are hell bent on nailing handstand, […]

Yoga Has Pulled You Through

Yoga Has Pulled You Through Hard Times It’s always fascinating to hear how people got into yoga.  For some the process was quite gradual. For others it was a more immediate and affirmative knowing.  “I did not even know it was possible to feel this way!?” For others the road to yoga may have been […]

Yoga and Intention Reactivation

The dust and confetti of the holiday season has finally settled and perhaps you have gotten some traction on your intention for 2019.  Mine is/was to give up sugar for 40 days. However, the path of living into a new lifestyle is rarely a straight line. More often than not, affecting life changes is a […]