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The Peaceful Priority

  “Why is peace unprioritized?” I shared this question with my current teacher training students over the weekend.  They looked equally appreciative and puzzled. You would think that the desire to live in harmony would be greater than the urge for affliction.  Yet somehow that does not appear to be the case. Like many noble […]

The Great Remembering

Behold. Another season has come to pass and we now edge into the fall season. Recently, I’ve been pondering how limitless the Universe truly is; from the quiet life of a small grain of sand to the unspeakable jewel box of stars that shine so freely far off in the heavens. And how water remains […]

Yoga Teacher Training Covid Response Plan

I wanted to take a moment and share our Yoga Teacher Training Covid Response Plan.Thankfully, Colorado is reopening its doors and we hope it will not be an issue. While we are doing our best to be preventative, also recognize that there also factors that are beyond our control and may have to adopt an […]

Black Lives Matter and the Next Step

After months of respite in the wake of Covid-19 the silence was broken, a cathartic cry for “Justice!” was heard around the world.  The bandaid was ripped off as they say, repealing a painful and bleeding wound that has been conveniently overlooked for centuries. Stephon Clark, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, George Floyd,  […]

The Most Cliche Yoga Teaching Cue

A few weeks ago, I brainstormed a list of 24 different ways to cue postures; from controlling the tone of one’s voice to the art of remaining silent. As part of this process, I also mapped out common expressions, including the most cliche yoga teaching cue. I frequently hear it across gyms and studios, and […]

Hidden Powers and Approaches to Meditation

Finding your groove in meditation can be a bit like searching for a treasure in a darkened room.  The treasure holds the promise of greater inner-freedom however, and you’ll sift through less idyllic objects as you blindly sweep the floor with outstretched hands. Fortunately, your search for the optimal meditation method can be distilled down […]

Tantric-Yoga Methods

Asana, pranayama, meditation, and other Tantric-Yoga methods remold your psyche from a limited understanding (avidya) to greater Self-understanding. In short, they maximize joy and minimize suffering. To become proficient at blending these Tantric-Yoga methods requires ongoing practice, refinement, and moments of inner realization.  It’s an extraordinary journey that gradually begins to touch upon every aspect […]

Self Healing

Full confession, I have had seasonal allergies for years; itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and sneezing attacks, the full deal. As a yogi – someone who places a premium on self healing – it was a point of consternation. Historically, I’d adjusted my yoga asana practice (to include more inversions) to address it, but had minimal […]

The Healing Mantra

The rhythm of our culture has changed in response to COVID-crisis. For some, the mandated isolation has been the source of angst and others relished the chance to slow down. And we should also recognize the toll on human life across the globe, God rest their souls. Personally, my response has been to offer a […]

Student Teaching

STUDENT TEACHING As part of the Denver Yoga Underground’s program, trainees practice student teaching outside of the classroom and in the community.  Here is one notable example of how an entry level teacher navigated their first attempt at student teaching. As a prospective teacher, this article will teach you what it’s like to get stated […]