“Yogic virtues are at the core of our organization. Our work leaves a legacy of positive personal and collective transformation through dedicated acts of service and creative initiative.”


“Our mission is to create a safe haven for dedicated yoga students and teachers to study traditional yoga methods and philosophy, foster good in themselves, and serve communities in need with yoga practice. We do this through allied partnerships, PWYC workshops, and yoga teacher training.”

Welcome to the site.  Hopefully, this page will inform you about us all – you and me. I suspect yoga has been an integral part of your development. Perhaps you came here either to study yoga in great depth or are looking into yoga teacher training. You want to learn yoga as a holistic system and are open to its spiritual heritage.

If so, the Denver Yoga Underground could be home.

Yoga students sit in a circle to discuss about us all.


The Underground is Denver began in 2003. For the first few years, it drifted around the city in various locations.  In 2009 it found its permanent home inside of a church on 6th avenue and Adams street, in the border lands between Cherry Creek and the Congress Park neighborhoods.

When we got started, we were one of just a few yoga schools and one of the very first to offer yoga teacher training in the city. We focus on more in-depth programs including yoga teacher training, workshops, retreats, and a weekly class.

We also do joint presentations with community advocacy groups such as the Center for Trauma and Renewal, Comeback Yoga, and Yoga for the People.

DYU was established and continues to be operated by husband and wife team Derik Eselius and Brenna Hatami, both veteran yoga students.

Derik started yoga in 1991 while traveling in India at the age of 19. India set the tone for what would become a lifelong, dedicated practice that continues to this day. Brenna discovered yoga in 1989, has studied in India on multiple occasions, and is one of DYU’s core teachers.

The Denver Yoga Underground is a movement of diverse yet like-minded yogis who are ready to discover themselves more fully. And become agents of good in the world, whether through teaching or simply how they conduct themselves in life.

DYU draws a diverse array of students to its yoga workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher training. Despite coming from various backgrounds our students are all united by a common love of yoga.