There are many ways to determine the best yoga teacher training for you.  You can research online, you can attend classes with lead-teachers.  Hopefully you can even find graduates to speak with.  For many people YTT is a big aspiration, find out what is the best program for you. Recently, I wrote an article titled Yoga Teacher Training Micro-sessions.  In that article I detail how to become a yoga teacher training guest.  Ask the director of the program if you can sit in on a YTT class.  As I pointed out in the post, this is not a standard practice for a variety of reasons.

Training participants often become a closely bonded unit and a guest can be unusual. They can also be a welcome bonus to a particular session as well.  It is really up to the program director to weigh out your sincere interest and chemistry of the group.

If you are genuinely set on a particular program, and you are willing to make the investment, I think it is a reasonable request.  They may say yes or no.  In either case, you will have taken one more step that you are indeed ready to make a training real for you.  In my experience, the decision to do yoga teacher training is an incremental process that ultimately hinges on one decisive moment when you place a deposit down.  Both the process and the definitive action are equally important.

The decision to do a training is an incremental process that ultimately hinges on one decisive moment.

Let’s say you get to attend a trial session.  Now what?

The first time we enter a new and intimate environment, it can be a touch awkward.  This is very natural.  It is up to the lead-teacher to welcome you into the space. More than likely they have a lot of experience working with groups and will make this a smooth process.

As a yoga teacher training guest, show up a bit early and be prepared to share a little bit about yourself, like what you love about yoga as an example. Or why you want train more intensively.  Use this opportunity to connect with students in the class and ask questions. When you ask specific questions you will get a clear picture of the program.  Here is a list of recommended questions.