Agents of Good Awards provide yoga teacher training assistance
To those who directly serve the greater community

three female school teachers and social workers discuss the benefits of yoga.

Yoga has been widely accepted as a method to increase physical and mental health; sports teams, corporate offices, prisons, preschools, and medical institutions all recognize the good yoga provides.

Currently, there is growing interest in how how yoga can offset mental health dis-orders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and even social inequity.

While our yoga teacher training is not ‘trauma sensitive yoga’ per say, the content and delivery of our program is very approachable and can be a suitable foundation for more advanced TSY study.  Many such programs require a 200 hour certification to start.

At Denver Yoga Underground, part of our mission, is to “serve communities in need.” We aspire to actively recognize and empower those at the forefront of society, those who work with young and vulnerable populations.

In support of our mission and the greater welfare, we make “Agents of Good Awards” available to school teachers and social workers who wish to provide yoga classes to their students/clients or to their colleagues.

Benefits of in-house, skilled, yoga instructors include:

  • Increase physical health and wellness
  • Stronger peer connections
  • Prevent burnout (increase retention)
  • Foundational self-regulation skills
  • Increased mental health (happiness) and self actualization
  • Enhanced organizational health

Agents of Good Awards make yoga teacher training more accessible to school teachers and social works. In turn, their communities and peer group can also benefit.  Those who qualify for AGA receive a 20% reduction off of our standard tuition (a savings of over $550), our lowest possible rate.

Perhaps you individually, or collectively within your organization, see the value of qualified yoga instructors within the school or entity you work in. You can apply for the Agents of Good Awards as part of our standard application process.