A New Destiny

a path leads to a new destiny

One of my favorite concepts of late is this idea of destiny – as in forge a new destiny.  The yoga tradition seats this notion within the larger concept of karma.

The term “destiny” implies that we indeed do have some measure of control of the direction of our life. Furthermore, our inner-resolve is a key part of the equation. Much of the time, it may feel as though life happens at us rather than with us.

That changes when one takes full responsibility (or respond-ability) for their circumstances and is willing, however faintly, to orient towards a higher ideal. This could look like admitting one’s faults, being of service or cultivating discipline; all of which require humility and action.

Forging positive life change can be as formidable as it is freeing.  The momentum of our thoughts (and karma) make it difficult to see beyond habitual tendencies in favor of long term fulfillment. The allure of ice cream takes a back seat to the promise of greater health.

The yogi does the dedicated work of remolding negative impulses and synaptic pathways, one breath and thought at a time. They edge ever closer to an appreciable destination.

With dedicated intention, regular practice and a bit of grace, we can set a course for a renewed future and start to shape a new destiny.