Yoga Teacher Training Application

Woman completing her yoga teacher training application.

Thank you for taking a moment to submit your 200 hr yoga teacher training application.  The training is a significant investment of your time and energy and I want to make sure that we are a good fit.  Furthermore, the application will give you a chance to self reflect and define what you want out of the program.

I (Derik) will personally review your yoga teacher training application and get back to you within 2-3 business days.  At which point, I will email you back and may follow up with a call as well. Additionally, you are always free to contact me.

Your information is completely confidential.  Finally, I look forward to reading about your connection to yoga, desire to participate, and you as a person.

    We offer just five partial tuition awards - 20% off the standard tuition rate and zero payment plan cost - to school teachers and social workers. These "Agents of Good Awards" are to honor their civic service and support them to then go on and teach yoga to populations in need.

    Denver Yoga Underground alots five Agent of Good Awards (AGA) for each training season: Spring, Summer & Fall. Each application is evaluated on the basis of need, who will be served as a result of your yoga training, likelihood of implementation, and availability of AGA.