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Levels of Sound

Yoga and many other spiritual traditions have recognized the inborn power of sound in transforming consciousness. Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, has developed a wide variety of techniques to […]

The Nature of Sound

In many traditions throughout the world, sound is considered one of the first evolute of creation.  In other words, certain vibrational frequencies precede and inform the manifest realm that most […]

The Yoga of the Breath

How long could you survive without eating?  What about drinking?  How long could you go without breathing? Respiration is probably the most important source of nourishment we receive and one […]

Training Article -Donation

Some of the very first classes I took were offered on a donation basis, back in the early 90’s.  My teacher, Perry, conducted classes out of the Vet’s Hall.  There […]

Training Article -Content

Practice and theory are equally important and ideally support one another because yoga is both the journey and the destination.  With that in mind we expose the students to different […]

Training Article -Overview

The practice of yoga is ongoing and it has the potential to permeate every aspect of one’s life, both internal and external.  Yoga is a mind-set that can inform all […]

Training Article

Recently I was asked, by a freelance writer, if I would be willing to have an article about the training written.  I liked the idea so it didn’t take long for me […]

Practicum Photos Two

Once Again a I wish to express deep gratitude to those who attended our final-final practicum this last Sunday.  The students were thrilled at the opportunity. Over one hundred people […]