Student Experiments -Applying the Practice

A simple example of this would be the practice of yama and niyama, or the basic moral precepts of the practice.  Students choose one of these virtues to practice for about two weeks before reporting their findings to the rest of the group.  This sharing of personal realizations not only enriches the individual (and gives them an opportunity to practice teaching), but it also helps to integrate the teachings for the entire group.

As the course progresses, students are then given the opportunity to select an experiment entirely of their own choosing.  We have received a wide variety of proposals over the years ranging from in depth mantra practice to treating asthma.  Some of the exercises are more simple and others are more complex.

We believe that it is essential that students take ownership of their yogic study and find ways to integrate the practice into their lives.  As I have stated in many prior entries yoga has the potential to infiltrate every aspect of our being. And the experiments offer a basic framework for exploring that transitional territory between theory, formal practice and application.  What follows is a simple example, directly from a student, as to how this process works.