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Workshop Presentation.9 A Sound Synopsis

Another change I would make would be to increase the volume of my own voice.  I found myself dipping into a low auditory range more than once and have gotten similar feedback from students in the past. Do you have any suggestions as to how to cultivate this skill? On another auditory note: the music […]

Donation Class Sat. May 15th

Dear Yoga Students, This is Derik from Axis Yoga Trainings. I want to announce and invite you to our  ongoing, donation only, classes.  These classes are held once a month and are an ideal opportunity to deepen your practice and view yoga from a totally new perspective! Each class will focus on a specific theme […]

Music and Yoga I

One could easily make a case for or against the roll of music in yoga practice.  On the one hand music/sound has played an intimate roll in the history of yoga (particularly in the nada and bhakti yoga traditions).  On the other hand the power of sound can unduly influence the environment and mind of […]

Music and Yoga II

The challenge with music is that it is highly personal. What may be one woman’s bliss may be another man’s hell.  From a contemplative perspective, music distorts one’s ability to be present to the immediate sensations and movements of the breath and body –yoga asana as meditation. I have a strong contemplative streak, and rarely […]

Levels of Sound

Yoga and many other spiritual traditions have recognized the inborn power of sound in transforming consciousness. Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, has developed a wide variety of techniques to expand consciousness through the medium of sound. Mantras, chanting and deep-listening help to create a ritualistic container to evoke the sacred.  According to Nada Yoga […]

The Nature of Sound

In many traditions throughout the world, sound is considered one of the first evolute of creation.  In other words, certain vibrational frequencies precede and inform the manifest realm that most of us inhabit.  As such, sound holds the potential to influence our being on multiple layers.  Sound is unique to our sensory experience in that […]

The Yoga of the Breath

How long could you survive without eating?  What about drinking?  How long could you go without breathing? Respiration is probably the most important source of nourishment we receive and one of the most under recognized or utilized. Is it possible that, by modifying our breathing pattern, we can dramatically increase or health in the same […]

Training Article -Donation

Some of the very first classes I took were offered on a donation basis, back in the early 90’s.  My teacher, Perry, conducted classes out of the Vet’s Hall.  There were no mats, we did the class on the carpet and needed to be out of there before 6:30, to make space for the ensuing […]

Training Article -Integration

Central to the program are the practices of pranayama, meditation and asanas.  The postures make up 65% of the course content and are taught from both a flowing and a stationary perspective.  Rather than teaching a specific sequence of poses we teach about the deep intelligence behind the postures and how they interrelate with one […]

Training Article -Content

Practice and theory are equally important and ideally support one another because yoga is both the journey and the destination.  With that in mind we expose the students to different methods of practice including, pranayama, meditation, devotional and ritualistic practices, chanting, real life experiments, dietary changes, yantra painting and of course asana. All of these […]