Yantra Workshop.2

Yantras share a lot of similarities with art in that they are symbolic and open to some interpretation.  The primary distinction between these images and other forms of artistic expression lies in their function. While visually stunning in their own right, yantras are specifically designed to bring about spiritual insight.

Spiritual development is a cornerstone of yoga practice and the common reference point that unites the wide variety of techniques we collectively call yoga. In the training we make every attempt to maintain the integrity of the central tenants of yoga and its myriad of techniques.

The practice of yantra painting is a visceral and unique way to illustrate some of the deeper teachings of yoga.  Our day long yantra painting workshop also provides the opportunity to learn about yoga using creative, as opposed to purely somatic, intelligence.  I should also mention that designing and painting the beautiful images, in the company of your peers,  is a lot of  fun!