Workshop Presentation.1 The Venue

Fall Winter 09-10 044Tucked away in the long stretches of pasture outside of Tulsa Oklahoma there is a small retreat/resort center called the Canebrake. The Canebrake is unique to this part of the world in that it is build on principles of environmental sustainability, features a gourmet restaurant and is home to the area’s only yoga studio –The Yoga Barn.

The owner of the studio, Lisa Bracken, invited me to come and teach a workshop at The Barn in 2008 and then most recently in April of 2010. Having taught a number of workshops in different parts of the country, I accepted her invitation with a mixture of confidence and apprehension. I felt confident that I could do a great job but nervous as to how I was going to pull it off. How I pulled it off is the subject of this paper.