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The Niyama discussion relates to the concept of Santosa (contentment).  I am generally very content and satisfied with what I have (and/or don’t have).   Recently this was brought to light in two separate situations both relative to my passion for bicycling.  FACT: I was not accepted into the 2011 Leadville Trail 100 MTB race.  This process involved a lottery.  I have numerous ‘connections’ in the cycling community that I could have called upon to get me into the Leadville race, however, I decided not to lean on those connections.  I have totally accepted this situation—I am content, able to concentrate and tranquil.  FACT: Shortly after this event I had an opportunity to purchase a fully-loaded MTB—a dream bike, but way too much bike.  The price was right, however, the timing was not due to personal financial circumstances.  After a significant amount of self reflection I discovered I was content with my current MTB—an adequate MTB, that gets the job done and will continue to provide me with the ability to ride and race.  I am content with my decision—I cultivated Santosa relative to this specific situation.  As I grow older I am more content with my business (a pizza concept)—focused on what we have vs. continually looking for ‘what might be.’  With an appreciation of Santosa I challenged myself to start the re-invention process.  Embarking on this YTT process along with my Aroma Touch therapy training I have fulfilled two components of the very challenging and dynamic re-invention process.  This re-invention is a function of the overall economic environment, aging process and a general desire to introduce athletes and ‘agers’ to the wonderful benefits of yoga.

This was a very interesting exercise in self examination.