Yoga Teacher Training Micro-session

Understably, people want to know as much about a particular yoga teacher training as possible before they sign up.  You can read online reviews, or maybe even speak with the lead-teacher, though there is an inevitable degree of “not knowing” that goes along with picking a program.  However, a yoga teacher training micro-session can take a lot of guesswork out of the process.

In basic terms, a microsession means that you attend a class session for a current YTT offered by a school. It is a remarkably simple way to get a feel for the content and the overall “vibe” of the program.  Understandably, most training will not lead with an invitation to do this.

Yoga teacher training is an intimate environment and an unexpected guest changes the dynamic in the room. Their presence requires a small withdrawal from the trust bank account. However, a well suited visitor can also contribute to the environment as well.  A skilled teacher will find ways to help them feel comfortable and integrate them into the community. Your presence can be a blessing.

Treat it more like an appointment to look at an engagement ring and less like a visit to your local bead store.

A yoga teacher training is a rich and dynamic learning environment that should be able to accommodate minor degrees of change.  Afterall, these people train to be yoga teachers and should get accustomed to welcoming new faces.

Sincerity on the part of the guest is also important.  As a gesture of respect, I suggest you narrow your search to one or two schools before you ask to attend a yoga teacher training microsession. Treat it more like an appointment to look at an engagement ring and less like a visit to your local bead store.

YTT is a significant investment and it seems fair that a prospective student should be well informed about their choice.  A micro-session is a simple and effective way to determine whether a particular program is the right fit for you.  And the student needs to be fairly certain about a program before they make such a request.

In the next blog post, we will discuss how to make the most of your yoga teacher training micro-session.