Learn the Method to Reshape the Unconscious Mind and Find Lasting Peace

– with Jeremy Wolf –

Sat., Feb. 17, 2024  |  9:00am – 6:00pm

Sun., Feb. 18, 2024  |  9:00am-6:00pm

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is the traditional tantric practice of deep, conscious relaxation, done while lying in Shavasana.  It is a meditation technique for harmonizing the unconscious mind, seeding new ways of thinking and awakening one’s inner potential.

This workshop will provide you with a practical understanding of the methodologies of yoga nidra and empower you to make yoga nidra a regular part of your practice.

This immersion will include the following points of learning and content:

  • The four main experiences of yoga nidra
  • Learn the physical,  metaphysical and spiritual science behind yoga nidra and it’s many applications
  • Applied understanding of the five koshas (layers of our being) to affect powerful transformation
  • Identify and uproot self-limiting beliefs through Svadhyaya (self-study) and plant new seeds of health and positivity
  • Sankalpa (intention) to clarify what we truly want in life and repattern the unconscious mind to be your ally
  • Lifelong skills that will help to heal and prevent: stress, depression, exhaustion, psychosomatic disorders, and incessant pain
  • Experiential sessions & template to design your custom yoga nidra practice

Please bring the following items:

  • A yoga mat for light practice
  • Pen and notepad 
  • Warm layers and socks
  • Any props to be comfortable in nidra – eye pillows, thin pillow, bolster, etc.


Denver Yoga Underground is grateful to host Jeremy Wolf E-RYT 500, a national figure in the yoga nidra movement and grandfather of yoga nidra in Denver for the past 10 years. Discover more about his offerings in Denver and beyond – here.


  • Sat., Feb. 17, 2024  |  9:00am-6:00pm
  • Sun., Feb. 18, 2024  |  9:00am-6:00pm
  • United Church of Christ, Upstairs at 3250 E. Sixth Ave. Denver, 80206


Pay What You Can!  PWYC is an equitable format that allows everyone to participate and honor the wisdom, commitment and dedication of the teachers.  Here is how it works…

Option #1: Fair Market Value: Some people would rather just have it all settled before the workshop gets started. If that’s the case, you can pay the market value of $240 for the entire workshop in advance.

Option #2: Pay What You Can:  Submit a $120 deposit to secure your space in the workshop.  This deposit is refundable up until two weeks before the workshop. After that, it is not. At the end of the workshop, you can pay whatever any additional amount based on the value you’ve received, your means, and what “feels fair.” Whatever you pay is perfect.