Seven dedicated weekends for students and yoga teachers
who seek depth & sacred connection to yoga practice

Jan. 20 – April 14, 2024

– with DYU’s Derik Eselius & Guest Presenters –

Over the past two decades, I’ve seen lots of people enroll in yoga teacher training to deepen their study, however, they don’t really want to teach and may never do so. While still enriching, it’s not an ideal fit.

For this reason, I’ve created the Yoga Immersion for students who are eager to experience yoga in greater depth and in a dedicated format. The Immersion is designed specifically for the student-seekers and or yoga teachers who want to explore and or renew their connection to the spirit of yoga.  The fire has already been lit and now there is a desire to go deeper.

Advantages of this Yoga Immersion:

  • Dedicated 127 hour curriculum spread out over 7 dedicated weekends
  • Study yoga as a holistic system including: asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, bandha and original texts
  • As a teacher, immerse yourself as a student
  • Receive dedicated support to create or maintain a strong personal practice
  • Receive the mind-body-spirit user manual that your grade school, parents or job never really provided for your journey here on this earth
  • Hours can be applied towards future 300 hr. Yoga Teacher Training study with DYU

Personally, yoga has been a lifelong pursuit, ever since my first class (while traveling in India) in 1991. It has shaped how I see myself and the world; you can read the full list of my core beliefs here

Here are the beliefs that most inform the Yoga Immersion:

#1.  Yoga is a Spiritual Pursuit

Yoga is a process to lessen the grip of inner anxiety and conflict and become more centered.  It removes the distortion and obstacles that veil our deeper essence, such that it can shine unobstructed.

Asana, pranayama & meditation are the means by which we become more masterful at managing our energy and create space for spirit to flow more freely through us.

#2. Practice According to Your Constitution

Yoga practice is both an art and a science that is to be adapted to the unique circumstances and disposition of practitioners.  Some practices are more intellectual while others are more heart-based. Some focus on physical health and others optimize the subtle body.  

A holistic approach to practice provides a colored assortment of techniques to utilize based on your particular needs.

#3. The Journey is the Destination

Yoga provides a road map towards a more embodied existence in route to our deepest essence.  The content of your inner and outer worlds is the gritty laboratory of yoga practice. Yoga is not an escape, but rather, makes you a more sentient and engaged student of life.

Regular practice adds depth to the journey.

So what does the Yoga Immersion look like?

The Yoga Immersion is a space to receive dedicated support and instruction so that you can skillfully integrate yoga practice and theory more deeply into your everyday life and spiritual path.

Every unit of study also includes accompanying asana, pranayama and meditation practices; to experientially embody the deeper teachings. The immersion will also include support for personal practice, recommended readings, a field trip and guest presentations.

The Yoga Immersion for Personal Practice course is the culmination of my 30+ years as a student of yoga and 20+ years as a teacher.  We study the most essential aspects of the yoga tradition so that you, the student, can blossom in your own practice in an accessible 127 hour long format spread out over 7 dedicated weekends.

Yoga Immersion Schedule & Details


Jan: (20, 21)

Feb: (3, 4), (17, 18)

March: (2, 3), (16, 17), (30, 31)

April: (13, 14)


3250 E. Sixth Ave. Denver, 80206

Upstairs in United Church of Christ

Yoga Immersion Pricing Structure



The Yoga Immersion is 100% guaranteed.  If you attend the entirety of every session and don’t think it was worth the investment, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Offered just once a year, the Immersion is an opportunity to steep yourself in the most essential yoga theories and practices and enhance your connection to the spirit of yoga in an accessible format.