“Speakeasy” Series Located in the Park

Are you “over it” with Zoom and other online yoga classes? Perhaps there are too many distractions in your home and it’s hard to get quality “me time”?

Yoga was born out of the forest, not the internet.
Yoga has an intimate connection with nature.
Practice in the elements and feel the difference.

Breath some fresh air into your practice and join us for a care free class in the park.  This hour long class includes the postures, pranayama & meditation. Located in a park near the Porter Adventist Hospital, the setting is serene and beautiful.

Underground Yoga Class Details:

  • Limited to just 9 people for proper social distancing
  • Advance registration required
  • City of Kunming Park – 200 E Harvard Ave, Denver, CO 80210
  • Thursdays, 8am to 9am, for as long as we can!
  • Needs to be 45 degrees or higher.  (Sounds cold but really it’s been very manageable – bring an extra layer).
  • Donations accepted, suggested $10.  Keeping it old school!