Are you “over it” with Zoom yoga classes or hit and miss sessions on Youtube? Or perhaps there are so many other distractions going on in your house that it’s hard to focus.

Yoga was born out of the forest, not the internet.
Yoga has an intimate connection with nature.
Practice in the elements and feel the difference.

Perhaps you’re ready to breathe fresh air into your practice.  I invite you to immerse yourself in a one-hour yoga class featuring asana, pranayama & meditation, at an idyllic location, yet somehow hidden within the city.

And, in full disclosure, we will be in a public park: people may be walking their dogs, playing music, another class could show up, or the sprinklers might turn on.  There is a certain X-factor that comes with it.  Thus far, it’s been cool.

Underground Yoga Class Details:

  • Limited to just 9 people for proper social distancing
  • Advance registration required
  • It’s within the Harvard Gulch proximity. Exact spot given upon registration (Sshhhh….)
  • Thursdays, 7:30am to 8:30am through end of September (weather permitting)
  • Donations accepted, suggested $10.  Keeping it old school!