Workshop Presentation.9 A Sound Synopsis

Another change I would make would be to increase the volume of my own voice.  I found myself dipping into a low auditory range more than once and have gotten similar feedback from students in the past. Do you have any suggestions as to how to cultivate this skill?

On another auditory note: the music (as I discussed) had both its ups and downs. Overall, the music complemented what I was doing, however, at times it pushed the class in a direction that did not resonate with what I was trying to create. I gradually learned to work with this, though it meant hovering over the mp3 player at times and drawing my attention away from the class. Overall, I’d consider using it again, selectively.

Based on my own perception and the majority of the response I received, the workshop went exceptionally well. A real highlight for me was getting to know the students, a few of whom had attended my first presentation at the Canebrake. Inwardly, I was very satisfied and felt that my abilities as a teacher really expanded as a result of this experience. I look forward to offering it again and will have the opportunity to do so in Dallas this fall.  As they say at the Yoga Barn, “Namaste Ya’ll.”