Workshop Presentation.5 The Sequnce

After a mild period of hesitation, I began working with my chosen subject matter, about six weeks from the début. I began by brainstorming every possible theory and practice that could support each theme-based class. From this basic platform, I constructed sequences and drew together key points. In the process of assembling the sequences, I noted which poses needed to be work-shopped, which poses would be enhanced by partner work and which postures would be done simply based on their own merit as they related to the overall theme.

Intertwined within this process was my personal, physical experimentation. This, by far, was the most significant part of the preparation. As a result of this exploration, my own practice slowed down and I came to accept that regardless of how much I got done, it would be complete. I also began to extend the duration of my asana sessions, for up to two hours in length. Gradually, through the process of ongoing revision, the practices began to assemble themselves.