Workshop Presentation.3 Rebuilding Your Practice

I also saw this as an opportunity to develop a curriculum that could be applied in other studio settings. The theme for the weekend was appropriately titled, “Rebuilding Your Practice,” and featured four distinct classes:

  • The Practice –Gave an overview of all the themes we would be visiting
  • The Core of the Pose –Used the central axis as a reference point in the poses
  • Poses that Soothe the Nervous System – A restorative and inversion(’)s class
  • The Nature of the Pose –Gave an intro to the gunas, and how they relate to poses  (This class was something of a wild card and was remarkably well received)

Each of these classes built successively upon one another with interrelated material. As a simple example; we started with a more detailed understanding of dog pose as preparation for head stand on the final day.