What happens when you meditate daily?

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An experiment in daily meditation


An account from one of our yoga teacher training students…

My personal experiment was to construct a continuous meditate practice outside of yoga class. My plan was to do it every morning, considering that is when I had the most time for myself, and to do it 20 minutes a day. The first two days were really easy. I noticed I was really productive at work and had more of a chill day than when I would not meditate. The third day through the seventh day, I did not find time for a session. I decided to sleep in instead of waking up on time which is 4 am. My day would start out sluggish and it was harder to focus at work. I would try to get 4 things done at once, instead of completing one duty at a time. My day was more unorganized and felt longer and more stressful. After that week, I told myself I had to find time for it in my day somehow or another.

The second week rolled by with hardly an issue. I meditated everyday for seven days and it seemed as though the week was easy as pie. If I could not fit it in my morning time before work, I would meditate right before bed. When I did that, my sleep was more sound. I hardly rolled over or moved or woke up. My dreams were more vivid and peaceful. I was able to go to bed later than usual and still be able to wake up on time the next morning. I felt more energized throughout my day.

I would go into work with a smile on my face and not have a tired look. My days would fly by, and if it got stressful at work, it hardly affected me as far as putting me into a bad mood and I was able to come up with simple solutions immediately. I felt more confident in my skin. At work, when employees were not doing their job the right way, I would tell them the expectations and if they did not listen to it, we would have to find someone else. I was not rude about it, rather I introduced the conversation in a direct but pleasant matter. Needless to say, they fixed their attitude and got their job duties done. I was really proud of myself for saying something when I normally would pretend to not see anything and let them get away with not doing their job correctly or half ass. I even stopped watching television after 7. When I needed something to do, I grabbed a book and started reading for at least an hour.

The third week came by and once again, I got caught up in old arguments which lead to me missing a few days of meditation.

The practice was a little choppy as far as the effect it had on my day, and the timing. My practice was all over the place. I would miss a day, next day meditate in the morning. Next day, miss another day. Day after, meditate after lunch. Next day, miss another day. Then I meditated the next day after. Same thing happened the fourth week.

The same affects happened to me the third and fourth week and they were really chaotic weeks. In spite of meditating a few days in a week, it was clear to me that it is not going to cut it. I had to do it everyday without missing a day. Granted, some days were better than others but overall, I noticed I had the best week when I was consistent with my practice. Now, I am on day 4 without missing a day and it is only going to get better from here. This whole experience has made me accept who I am as a person and that I can amount to great things if I simply apply myself to it. I will continue to have a consistent practice for meditation and even in my busiest of days, if I have to go to the bathroom just to meditate for ten minutes I will, but I will make time to meditate somehow.

The little things I do now, will amount to greater and bigger things in the future.

Going Deeper with Meditation

Got Peace?  Have you ever felt anxious, or lay at wake at night thinking your way in endless circles?  Learning how to direct and live in harmony with one’s own mind is an essential life skill.  Meditation teaches us how to gain mastery over one’s (discursive) mind and experience deeper levels of peace and fulfillment.  Mainline into the source of all happiness with practice of meditation.

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