Western Meets Eastern: Family

My son, who is 24, and an extremely active person, has had a disturbed sleep pattern all his life. He is physically and mentally very active, very bright and sensitive, and extremely creative. As an extension of my own initial success with the above measures, I have encouraged him to try some of the same measures. He reports that the Yoga Nidra tapes, going to bed at the same time every night, lavender on his pillow and warm milk with nutmeg have also helped him improve his sleep. I suspect he will have more of a challenge healing his sleep, because this has dogged him since childhood. While we are constitutionally similar in many ways, I am not nearly as active as he is, he develops respiratory illness from over activity far more easily than I do, and struggles with maintaining enough weight whereas I have to watch that I do not become overweight.

I am looking forward to developing a more in depth understanding of Ayurvedic remedies when I complete this Yoga Teacher program and have a little more time. Overall, I am encouraged to incorporate this approach in my clinical practice and in response to the various struggles and imbalances that arise in my own life.