Truth Through Creativity: An Experiment

Satya, truth. What is truth? One of the dictionary definitions of the word is, “the state or character of being true,” for me this is a typical idea of what truth is and can be, the next definition is, “actuality or actual existence.” The embodiment of truth is expression, expression of raw human experience, the flux of life that allows us to grow. I approached this project from an understanding that my heart had been lacking in a vital way. To mend that deficit I decided to implement creative methods such as writing, drawing, painting to use the inspiration and insight seen in daily life moments.

I set out with the intention of simply observing life to see what inspires me to create or be human; implying that to create reveals your humanity. I instated a meditation session first thing in the morning to still my mind and allow for if not a control but an awareness of its waves, that way I could view true inspiration and use it to form my humanity. In my daily life with work, family, friends I kept in mind the awareness of the muse, not to a point of looking for it, rather openness to it. The first week consisted of these practices. I found that I was able to contemplate why I wake up in the morning and could change that reason from oh I have to work to, I want to go see what is outside or there is a genuine conversation out there to be had. Every day for that first week I wrote a poem or drew something in order to exercise the creative flow. This enabled me to see patterns in my thoughts and life, a way of organizing on paper. Another way to penetrate creative truth into life I attended one particular highly diverse open mic in Denver. It is called LadySpeech, the performers interpret life in a colorful range of ways, when listening and being involved with a spectrum of experience and view-points my own imagination sparks cords and observes my life from new perspectives.