Thoughts on Teaching Yoga to Kids

As I prepare to conclude my yoga teacher training and move out into the world as an instructor I would like to bring yoga to those people who may otherwise not have access or afford to practice yoga. One population in particular, with whom I already work, is inner city youth. In my role as a youth program manager in affordable housing sites around Denver, I’ve been imagining the power and impact that yoga could have with this population.

Inspired by my desire to continue to work with youth and motivated by the final personal experiment, I chose to explore the pedagogy of teaching yoga to youngsters. With my three month Yoga Teacher Training coming to an end, I feel more or less confident with the idea of teaching to a room of compliant adults who generally are quiet and relatively good listeners. In contrast, my day job, working with youth in a chaotic and haphazard manner made me curious about what a class full of rambunctious elementary aged children practicing yoga would look like. I began by researching several books on teaching strategies for working with children, I explored accounts of teachers who interface with kids, and worked to modify my general teaching knowledge to my understanding of youth development methodology.