The Truth Which Equals Love: Satya

With the yama/niyama experiment creeping up on me, I was doing my best to figure out what was “wrong” with me so I could come up with a life changing experiment.  I wanted to experience something that would unlock the key to my existence and allow me to make major life changes.  The only drawback was that I had no clue what I wanted to address.  It felt really overwhelming until former students came in to talk about their experiences.  Two students spoke about their experiments and their experiences really resonated with me and led me to the satya group.  I determined that my satya experiment would be about my willingness to be truthful to myself.

I realized that for the past few years I have been constantly on the go, always doing something, running from one activity to the next with very little time allotted for myself.  I continually overloaded myself with obligations to friends, acquaintances, my job, my ceramic studio (something that I love), even obligations to a bucket list I recently started.  I was bogged down with so many activities that I agreed to or “needed” to do, I found myself getting stressed and lashing out at others for activities that I volunteered for.  I was less effective in these activities and my daily life because I overloaded myself.  This was making me extremely unhappy.