The Truth Which Equals Love: Recognizing

After conducting this experiment, I feel like I have started the process of being truthful with myself but that I have only barely scratched the surface.  I find that I like giving myself permission to say no or to establish boundaries when it comes to activities.  It has made the activities that I have participated in more fulfilling.  I am also not agitated during activities that I have consciously and thoughtfully chosen to take part in.  I have started keeping track of the activities I am currently engaged in on a calendar so that I can ensure that I have scheduled time for myself and I don’t overbook myself.  I have been less irritated at work and more productive because I am focusing on each project fully instead of trying to work on four different things at once.  This is not to say that this experiment has been a complete success as I regressed to previous behaviors where I allowed myself to become overloaded at work and at home, resulting in the usual lash out.  However, by redirecting myself, continuing my experiment, and following the guidelines I set up, I was able to come back to the path that I was trying to follow on this experiment.  I found a great interpretation of satya on the internet as “the Truth which equals love”.  I think that this is one of the most important things I’ve discovered in this experiment.  Through being truthful with myself, I am loving myself.