The Truth Which Equals Love: Planning

My initial observations were that I 1) attempted to please others at my own physical and mental expense, 2) overloaded myself with activities with no time to just be (alone, with myself, with no obligations), and 3) was not comfortable unless I was on the go.  My hypothesis in this experiment was that in order to be more honest with myself I needed to:

  1. Clean up my social media account, cell phone address book, and email account and remove people who I didn’t maintain an honest communicate with.  This would have the result of narrowing down the number of people who would be able to ask me to do things.
  2. Practice 30 minutes of meditation each night before bed, track my meditation with matches, and make notes in journal about any relevant thoughts around the meditation.  This would allow me alone, guiltless time where I could just focus on myself.
  3. Keep a journal on me at all times during the experiment to make any notes during the day that might arise outside of my mediation window.  This would allow me to get any “junk” out of my head.