The Benefits of Sadhana: Background

A few days prior to the beginning of this course, my step-father passed away.  It was not completely unexpected, as his health had been failing in the past few years.  I had a very difficult and painful history with him, and held a lot of resentment and anger towards him.  My mother, even knowing this, asked me to come while he was dying.  I thought this was to offer support for her, which I felt blessed and honored to do.  However, something else profoundly beautiful and moving occurred.  Despite the fact that he had also been unkind and abusive toward my mother for years, I observed the most pure and honest compassion I have ever seen, extended from her to him.  Also, in those final hours, I was able to release all of my anger, and forgive him.  It was a deep and profound spiritual experience for me, which I will treasure always.

Typically, after a situation like this, I would tend to sink deep into the emotionality of it.  I would internalize all the intense emotions and seek external comfort and peace.  In this case, I believe largely because of the daily sadhana, I was able to begin to process the experience in a very honest and conscious way. This was a very pivotal awakening for me.