The Bathing Elephant Goddess: Diet

Eliminating sugar and reintroducing it has been illuminating. I have always noticed that I am more sensitive to sugar than other people. I eat it and often develop a stomach ache and sometimes my throat becomes inflamed. I had eliminated sugar for 28 days during our first experiment. That is the longest I have ever gone without sugar. The first time I had it my throat was immediately on fire and I woke up the next morning to my gums bleeding. When I ate it a couple more times the results were not as dramatic but my stomach did hurt if I had more than a couple bites. Then I went off sugar again for this ten day experiment. I reintroduced sugar a couple of days ago. I had some rice pudding with a large meal in the middle of the day. No negative effects were apparent. The following day I ate a lot of sugar throughout the day and then ended my day with a cookie minutes before getting into bed. I woke up early to terrifying anxiety inducing nightmares. The anxiety lingered through the first 4 hours of being awake. It is apparent to me that sugar acts like poison to my body and it is my duty to greatly limit it in my diet.