Testimonial II

Axis Yoga TT is an in-depth, comprehensive program that prepares students to be able to speak wisely to all aspects of yoga, not just asana. The teacher training at Axis Yoga brought light and strength to yoga in my life. It created a beautiful foundation for me to grow, love and know peace.  This program changed my life. I wanted yoga to be the main course instead of just dessert, and indeed I find it front and center on my plate each day now. I appreciate that this program stayed true to its word in being a “classical” training. This training felt authentic and real and I’m coming out the other end happier.

This program really challenged me. It took my understanding of yoga to unexpected and amazing places. I truly believe I am walking away changed and ready to share yoga in the best way I know how!

The philosophy/theory is such an amazing aspect to yoga, and I truly feel like this program does a great job of making sure we know how valuable it is. I loved practicing sadhana every time we met. This program stays true to its word as a “classical program”.