Testamonial III

I Loved all of the instructors! They’re musicians in a band, each contributing their own sound, skill and style. The result was a comprehensive construction of asana, in depth and fascinating representation of sadhana, pranayama, vayus, and interactive kirtan and opportunities to practice teaching. The time spent in the program was one of self-discovery, spiritual and character growth, and I found my voice. I felt like a true community was developed.

All of the teachers were and are inspiring strong leaders. I love this training overall and feel it is a good foundation. It is my desire to go even deeper to take more training.

I came here to grow and that I did. It was a very well rounded program and I learned much more about yoga and my self than I expected to. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn and grow.

The diversity of the teachers was phenomenal! All of them wonderful, offering an in depth look into their world of yoga. This program was beautifully integrative. As a whole from teachers to the content. You get a real sense of what yoga truly is. Thank you, thank you!

I would highly recommend the Axis Yoga Teacher Training. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and personable. They really care that all the students learn to be better yogis and better people.

The breadth of the course is marvelous. The teaching staff is well-rounded and very experienced and I really enjoyed the class diversity.