Teaching Yoga to Kids: Conclusion

After reflecting on these challenges for quite a bit, I realized that I was trying to squeeze carefree and dynamic young children into a rigged and sterile framework that is intended for adults. Adaptation, creativity, and flexibility are requirements when working with kids; therefore they should also be requirement when teaching yoga to kids as well! My experience teaching a yoga class to 15 inner city kids, who face abuse, neglect, and poverty on a daily basis, was humbling to say the least. Yet, one incredibly redeeming aspect to this experience, and one that I should not overlook, is that every single child in the class absolutely loved their time on the yoga mat and conveyed that to me in their excitement, their words and the smiles on their faces. And lastly, as we rolled up the mats and said our goodbyes, a peaceful and serene feeling radiated in the room, so much so that my colleague said to me: “I’ve never seen these kids so calm and quiet in my two years here”. That’s enough to inspire my return!