Teaching to Learn: Intention

Throughout my time here at Axis Yoga, playing the role of the student has come very naturally. I have always enjoyed the student perspective; gaining knowledge so that I can pass it along and utilize what I learn outside of class. I have yet to fully grasp the concept that I am the one now, who is expected to become the “teacher”. In my own modest opinion, I joined this program with every intention to do just that, become the instructor but, at the same time, I do not ever want to stop playing the role of a student as well. One of the most echoing comments I heard during my teacher training was along the lines of, “you have to want to teach, in order to learn” and that right there is the most important idea to remember, it keeps me grounded and reminds my ego, I am not trying to be the best, I am just trying to do my best. With all of those ideas and thoughts tumbling through my citta at this point in the training, I decided that in my third and final experiment I would focus my energy and my personal training in the direction of teaching.