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Yantra’s are unique and rarely recognized aspect of yoga practice.  You might find one hanging on the wall of a studio but, you certainly won’t work up a sweat while making one or complete it within 90 minutes either.  They are exceptional because they offer an intimate synthesis between meditation and sensory engagement.

For those of you not familiar with the term, the word yantra has many translations including, “Power Diagram” “Revelatory Chart” and “Emblems of Psychic Power.”  In practice, they are specific geometrical designs (said to have been revealed in deep states of meditation), that are highly symbolic and can be used as a tool for meditation.

The images themselves are said to depict universal forces (deities) found in subtle plains of existence.  The process of creating, blessing and finally gazing/meditating upon the images reveal latent psychic forces within the practitioner.  As such, yantras like all other forms of yoga including asana, are a means of personal transformation and evolution.

Yantras share a lot of similarities with art in that they are symbolic and open to some interpretation.  The primary distinction between these images and other forms of artistic expression lies in their function. While visually stunning in their own right, yantras are specifically designed to bring about spiritual insight.

Spiritual development is a cornerstone of yoga practice and the common reference point that unites the wide variety of techniques we collectively call yoga. In the training we make every attempt to maintain the integrity of the central tenants of yoga and its myriad of techniques.

The practice of yantra painting is a visceral and unique way to illustrate some of the deeper teachings of yoga.  Our day long yantra painting workshop also provides the opportunity to learn about yoga using creative, as opposed to purely somatic, intelligence.  I should also mention that designing and painting the beautiful images, in the company of your peers,  is a lot of  fun!

Lunch Break with Espiring Yantra Painting Students

Lunch Break with Espiring Yantra Painting Students

You all have come so far in your practice and you really showed grace and poise as you navigated your way through a difficult series of standing, back bending and twisting postures.

I was thrill to hear how many of you are out in the field teaching.  Yoga is such an amazing blessing that brings brings many benefits -for most among them all, Peace.  I am so happy that you are able to share in that peace.

I am still in the process of securing a location for our next monthly session as the consulate center is currently occupied. Most likely, we will be at the church on 6th and Adams on the 19th of July, Saturday from 10-12.  Once again, I’d invite and encourage you and your friends to come and experience some of the most dynamic yoga teaching happening in Denver.  Please join us in our Donation Based Yoga Extravaganza!