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I often tell people that Axis Yoga’s training is unique in many ways.  To begin, we are a classically based program.  What this means in practice is that we reference historical and scriptural perspectives on yoga.  The practice of yoga has undergone a tremendous transmutation in the last 100 years since first arriving on our shores; and in the past 10-15 years it has entered the stream of popular culture.  All of this comes with both its up and down sides.

Our theoretical orientation is coupled with an in depth study of the many yogic techniques.  According to the teachings, theory and practice should go hand and hand.  The practitioner then has the opportunity to realize the deeper truths that underscore the practice.  In this way, theory provides an essential reference point for the multiple yogic methods.

One of the ways that we go about exploring and applying the various assertions that underlie the practice is in the form of self directed experiments.  After presenting a piece of material, students then have the opportunity to go out and apply it in real life circumstances.