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At the completion of each of our trainings, students are given the opportunity to share any feedback they may have regarding the program.  This might include highlights of their experience or constructive criticism.  Both forms of feedback are graciously welcomed as much of the student input is then implemented into the next training session.  Through this ongoing process of feedback and refinement our program continues to grow and evolve.

There is a confident part of me that thinks that I’ve finally done it, I’ve created the best and most watertight program possible.  At the start of each session I briefly go through that process until I start to discover things that can be further developed and improved upon.  The student feedback is an important part of that process.

Participants are freely asked if they would like to give some testimonial.  They are free to do so or not.  What follows are a some examples of those testimonials, written in a very concise format.  Every paragraph or few sentences is a complete submission.  As a teacher, it is always very affirming to hear their responses.