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Behold. Another season has come to pass and we now edge into the fall season.

Recently, I’ve been pondering how limitless the Universe truly is; from the quiet life of a small grain of sand to the unspeakable jewel box of stars that shine so freely far off in the heavens. And how water remains so youthful even after millions of years of existence. And how baby turtles brave their way into the sea.

I’ll never meet many of those stars, know the ageless secrets of water, or know the life and death struggle of sea turtles; and yet they are accounted for within the great field of intelligence that unites us all.

Earthly societal woes, fire & health crises can appear with such dire-urgency. Sometimes, if only for a moment, I respectfully recognize them as moments in the colossal history of time, space, name & form.

As humans and as yogis, we’re anointed with the seemingly impossible task of navigating both heaven & earth; loss & gain; suffering & compassion; and the yearnings of the individual with the timeless source of life. The only way out is through.

May we skillfully traverse the hard truths before us and recognize the presence of peace that lies within and beyond it all.

Before beginning this experiment I had already begun examining my attitudes towards sex and relationships. I had found that I was constantly looking for a partner, and primarily evaluating people I met on that basis, which I found to be self-centered and disrespectful. I also had found that being in a relationship consumed my time and thoughts so that my meditation and yoga practices suffered, and I chose to make my spirituality a priority rather than be in relationship. I would like to achieve moderation in that area and be able to enjoy a relationship that is based in spiritual practice. Having already made a mental shift in this area, this experiment provided the formal structure necessary for deeper self-examination and more defined changes in behavior.

My hope is that this experiemnt will continue a shift in attitude that I began earlier this year, help me to see people for who they are rather than who they can be to me, and begin to develop a sense of spiritual or energetic connectedness to all other beings.

Axis Yoga’s teacher training program in Denver invites new students to apply one of many yogic principles to their daily lives. This student explores the application of Brahmacharaya (sexual abstinence) in her marriage. Her partner is also a student of the program, so they were able to collaborate and design their experiment together. By bringing more mindfulness into their relationship, she and her husband hoped to develop a deeper spiritual connection to each other, and to God.