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Axis Yoga Trainings Presents:

Yoga Practicum for Graduating Students
Free to the Public!

You are invited to attend the final practicum for our Yoga Training Graduates. These students have dedicated themselves intensely to the practice and now wish to share the fruits of their discoveries with you!

Click HERE to see the flyer for full details!

Sumptuous Refreshments Served Every Session!

Sixth Ave UCC ~ 3250 E. 6th Ave (Sixth and Adams)

Practicum I: “Awaken Your Inner Child” Sunday, Dec. 7th. 1:15-2:45 (Justine, Rachel, Maria, Tracy)
Practicum II: “Oppositions: Seen and Unseen” Sunday, Dec. 7th. 3:15-4:45 (Jessica, Sona, Leslie)
Practicum III: “A Wholehearted Holiday Hatha” Saturday, Dec. 13th. 1:15-2:45 (Afsi, Marta, Kari, Ada)
Practicum IV: “Soul Renewal and Reflection” Saturday, Dec. 13th. 3:15-4:45 (Jose, Aja, Elle, Brandi)
Practicum V: “Enlighten Your Senses” Sunday, Dec. 14th. 1:15-2:45 (Jennifer, Shannon, Kim, Danielle)

Please bring any props if you have them.

Axis Yoga offers Denver’s Premiere Yoga Training offered on a Pay As You Can basis. We offer a thorough, in depth immersion into the heart of yoga practice. Our 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified school is designed to meet the needs of all practitioners at every level and propel them into being skilled instructors if they so choose. If you wish to go deeper into your yoga practice, I invite you to participate in this program.

The final practicum for Axis Yoga Teacher Training graduates is open to the public.

These students have dedicated themselves intensely to the practice and now wish to share the fruits of their discoveries with you!

Sumptuous refreshments served every session!

Located at Sixth Ave UCC ~ 3250 e. 6th Ave (sixth and Adams)

~ Please bring any props if you have them ~

Dates and Times:

Session I: Sat. June 11, 3:30-5:30
“the Pelvic Girdle”
John, Courtney, Rebecca, Kayla, Nyke

Session II: Sun. June 12, 1-3
“Yoga 101”
Mike, Marla, Jo, Niko

Session III: Sun. June 12, 3:30-5:30
“Journey through the doshas”
Richard, Annie, Kari, Jenn

Session IV: Sat. June 18, 1-3
“Bhakti Yoga”
Kevin, Mary Ann, Laura T ., Jeane

Session V: Sat. June 18, 3:30-5:30
“An experience in kriya yoga”
Bob, Vanessa, Kara, Laura G.

yoga class 064Axis Yoga’s teacher training program culminates in practicum presentation in which the general public is invited to attend student lead classes free of charge. This is an exciting (and nervous) time for the students and they draw together 4 months worth of study and condense much of it a two hour class. Often times students begin the program with a good deal of apprehension but through the course of study they gradually become more confident and ready to go out into the world and share the wonderful benefits of yoga.

A considerable amount of time is spent preparing for their final presentations. The students are divided into groups of four and each is responsible for a half hour’s worth of content of their two hour long class. It can be challenging for the group of four to create a sequence that is clear on cohesive given the diversity of presenters.

No two classes are ever the same. At Axis Yoga we instruct the participants in how to design classes based on sound sequencing principals. We do not offer a “cookie-cutter” approach. Rather, the students are instructed upon how to take particular skill levels, dispositions and subtle body components into consideration when designing a class. This makes for a very rich understanding of the intelligence behind each of the postures and how to put them together.

The practicum is a time of celebration and rights of passage as the students instruct a group of 30-50 participants through a class of their own design. For many, this is the first class they ever taught. The good news is that many of their friends and family are there to support them through the process. After the class is finished students are always met with an applause and then everyone piles into the lobby for a health-full array of treats and hot chai.

If you were able to attend our final practicum last weekend I want to thank you for your participation. If you were not able to attend, I want to invite you to attend our next one. Graduates of our fall program will be offering the free event some time in mid-December. I hope you are available to attend this fun and inspiring event.

Images from our Final Student Practicum