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Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

From the un-self/un-reality lead me to the self.

From darkness/ignorance lead me to light/spiritual awakening.

From death/fear of death lead me to immortality/knowledge of immortality.

From the moment I first read this mantra, I was immediately drawn to its application in my yoga practice and life.  Given that Ayurveda involves lifestyle changes, I thought how appropriate that I choose the Asato ma as the mantra to guide me and lead me through this experiment.  Since 2008ish, I have suffered with migraine headaches.  Before moving out to Denver from the Washington, D.C. area, I would get them maybe a few times a week.  Now, I get migraines so often, that I begin my day with three Advil or Tylenol, so as not to have to take the migraine medication prescribed to me that make me drowsy.  I began this experiment wanting to try any and everything that could provide me with relief from this pain.  I thought certainly this is not my true self and in fact feels more like darkness and death.  After speaking with Beth and Susan, I realized that perhaps the migraines are connected to my diet.  Fortunately, for me, Susan is being trained in Tibetan Cranial and offered to provide this form of intervention as an adjunct to my experiment.  I was excited and ready to start.  At first, I thought I would start this journey with a three day cleanse, followed by almost two weeks of gluten-free and vegetarian eating, and end each day with a 30-minute asana practice and 15 minute prayanam practice.  When possible, I wanted to schedule sessions with Susan to track the effect of the treatment and the incorporation of more ayurvedic practices into my life.  I braced myself in knowing that more than likely I would not see immediate changes, but something in my “self” was telling me that I was headed in the right direction.

Right before starting the experiment, I was given a glimpse of the powerful nature of the mantra, when I discovered my boyfriend of the past three years was cheating on me.  The stress of dealing with that, initially, gave me the cleanse I was wanting, as I could not eat anything really for a few days.  Instead of practicing asana and prayanam every night for the following week or so, I managed to fit in practice when I remembered to exist.  I felt as though I were going through the motions (e.g., work, being a mother, etc.) and was not fully present, which is the complete opposite of yoga.  I kept resisting the urge of my being to look inside for comfort and instead buried myself in distractions.  I could not face what my life was presenting.  Despite this, I managed to fit in three Tibetan cranial sessions with Susan and felt relief immediately after the treatment.  In fact, for two days, I noticed I did not start my day with a migraine.  Then came the move out of the house I just moved into the beginning of September.  The dream house with the yard, close to Washington Park, space for Ahenei, quiet and friendly neighborhood house into a small apartment in the manufactured neighborhood of Stapleton.  On Monday, I had a session with Susan that initially staved off the migraine, but as soon as I arrived to work, hit me like a freight train.  Tuesday, good morning Ms. Migraine, Wednesday, we met again, and Thursday was no different.  In fact, before class, I have found myself being angry in that when I practice yoga I am forced to look inside and that is the last thing I want to look at right now.