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Central to the program are the practices of pranayama, meditation and asanas.  The postures make up 65% of the course content and are taught from both a flowing and a stationary perspective.  Rather than teaching a specific sequence of poses we teach about the deep intelligence behind the postures and how they interrelate with one another.  Based on this understanding, students then construct class sequences that take many factors, such as heath concerns or constitution, into consideration.
While the study of the content is significant, another important variable is the community of practitioners.  I’ve seen many groups pass through since we first opened our doors in 2003, and each of them has a distinct character.  The power and significance of a group of strangers coming together for a unified purpose cannot be over emphasized.  It is truly remarkable to observe relationships form, as the students support and encourage one another throughout duration of this rigorous program.
The training is a significant investment of participant’s time, energy and resources.  We meet three times a week for a total of 13 hours each week for nearly five months.  It is a gradual and transformational journey in which students have a chance to practice yoga intensely.  Yoga is very powerful/transformational and we emphasis a sustainable integration of the techniques and lessons into one’s life.