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Review of the Ayurvedic dosha attributes and subsequently taking the test in, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, confirmed my inclination that my dosha is predominately vata.  To summarize, several the characteristics I found compelling to come to this assessment related to my vikruti, including the physically imbalanced condition of dry skin, accented with cracked heals and cuticles particularly in the winter time, dry hair, and constipation.  Of the body types attributable to vatas, I am on the lean side with protruding veins.  Further confirming my vata prakruti is my strong dislike of cold weather from which I tend to quickly develop cold feet and hands.  Other common denominators I share with this dosha include my tendency to be in a hurry, constantly busy, walking quickly, and feeling out of sorts if I don’t exercise.  My sleep patterns are restless as I often wake up several times through the night and generally sleep between 6 to 7 hours.  Going to sleep and when I wake are about only routine behaviors I exhibit, which is approximately 10 and 4:30, respectively.

Of my imbalance issues, I decided to address my digestive issues and eating patterns.  In particular, I have had constipation issues for many years.  Often my bowel movements are a torment, as I sit for 10 plus minutes only to return to the bathroom again one or more times since I wasn’t able to clear myself.  My diet is indeed quite variable and tends not to be overly healthy.  Typical mornings for breakfast include 4 to 5 cups of coffee and anything with sugar (donuts, cake, chocolate, pastries).  Lunch generally consists of a sandwich and chips.  Snacks throughout the day are more of the sugar treats noted at breakfast.  Dinners vary in times and tend not to be organized.  Occasionally I will skip a lunch or formal dinner as I feel the need to get other things done, like exercise, and then just nibble on a few items.  On top of all this, I don’t drink a lot of water and favor soda.   I think my tendency to exercise incessantly is in part due to my bad eating habits as I rationalize that exercise will offset the unhealthy food items I put into my body.