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I found that by doing this experiment I am still harboring some very hard, deep seeded

emotions. Writing this paper on Brittany has made me cry several times. It has brought up memories I

had buried and I realized I have guilt for her death even though I know there was nothing I could have

done. I’m not sure how I will deal with and get through the guilt, but I will figure it out so that I can live

my life to the fullest. I also will continue to write, even though that feels like a battle inside me. I like

writing, it is healing for me. My workouts have improved and I have gotten back into the habit of

sadhana, which helps me so much. This was very healing for me.

Overall I feel I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge over the past three months during the YTT program. I’ve grown stronger personally, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am very happy with how my yoga practice has improved and how overall I am more aware of my body and breath in the postures during asana. I also feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn more about pranayama as I didn’t know much about it prior to the start of the program. In addition, I feel more confident in speaking publicly which was a big fear of mine at the start of the program. Generally speaking though I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an informative program with some highly trained professionals. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in either deepening their practice or becoming a yoga teacher.

The content of this program has allowed me to grow spiritually and as a teacher of yoga. I had the teaching background already so the content really helped me embody yoga for my students.

Axis Yoga Training helped me to not only deepen my own practice, but has given more confidence and knowledge to share my passion with others.

Axis Yoga TT is an in-depth, comprehensive program that prepares students to be able to speak wisely to all aspects of yoga, not just asana. The teacher training at Axis Yoga brought light and strength to yoga in my life. It created a beautiful foundation for me to grow, love and know peace.  This program changed my life. I wanted yoga to be the main course instead of just dessert, and indeed I find it front and center on my plate each day now. I appreciate that this program stayed true to its word in being a “classical” training. This training felt authentic and real and I’m coming out the other end happier.

This program really challenged me. It took my understanding of yoga to unexpected and amazing places. I truly believe I am walking away changed and ready to share yoga in the best way I know how!

The philosophy/theory is such an amazing aspect to yoga, and I truly feel like this program does a great job of making sure we know how valuable it is. I loved practicing sadhana every time we met. This program stays true to its word as a “classical program”.

Dear Students of Yoga;

I want to take a moment to invite you to Axis Yoga’s Final Practicum for its graduating students. This Denver based event is offered Free to the Public. These students have dedicated themselves intensely to the practice and now wish to share the fruits of their discoveries with you!  Sumptuous Refreshments Will be Served Every Session!  Come on out, enjoy a fantastic yoga class, enjoy the fervor and have some chi and sweets!

Location:  Sixth Ave UCC ~ 3250 E. 6th Ave (Sixth and Adams)

Sunday, June 5
Session I 3:30-5:30pm
“The Complete Practice: a Full Yoga Journey” (Phil, Shigeko, Svetlana)

Sunday, June 6
Session II 1-3pm “Lengthen and Strengthen: Entering the Heart of Back bending (Chris, Martha, Samantha, Jim)
Session III 3:30-5:30pm “Opening the Spine and Hips” (Elena, Virginia, Brittany D. Michelle H.)

Saturday, June 12
Session IV 1-3pm
“Heart Openers” (Jessica, Lana, Michelle Le)
Session V 3:30-5:30 “Dessert Yoga: Grounding and Balancing Renewal (Carmen, Nancy, Allyssa, Craig)

Sunday, June 13
Session V 1-3pm “Celebrating Back Bends” (Barbara, Bob, Brittney CT, Rachel)

Axis Yoga is Denver’s Only Donation Based Yoga Teacher Training. We offer a thorough, in depth immersion into the heart of yoga practice. Our 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified school, is designed to meet practitioners at every level and propel them into being skilled instructors, if they so choose. If you wish to go deep into yoga practice, I invite you to participate in this program.


Derik Eselius
~Program Director~

zrldesign.com | 720-934-6943

There are many, many ways to practice yoga. Obviously, the method of choice among millions of Americans is asana practice.  Yoga’s history and roots go deep into the past.  The theories and methods that support the practice have been experimented with and refined over the course of thousands of years.

The objective of all of this practice has been stated in many ways, and the significance of all of these narratives could be a whole entry unto itself.  For our purposes here, let’s say that the practices really are about freedom.  I don’t mean freedom in the patriotic sense, but rather, freedom from our self imposed limitations and sense of finite self.  The traditions assert that we are much more than our individualized mind can conceive of.  The pursuit and realization of awakened freedom is the underlying goal of all yoga practice –at least, traditionally.

I want to extend a spirited appreciate to all of those who attended out once a month, donation only, Saturday class.  It was a real blessing to see so many of our graduates rally for the event and offer their love and support to one another and the practice of yoga.   I also want to acknowledge those who are new to our community, and gave their dedicated effort as well.

It was a special treat to join many of you in a post-practice lunch party.  Among the many laughs the idea of a summer time mountain retreat was passed around.  It is an idea I am keenly in support of and will do my best to secure a location, probable for late July.

You all have come so far in your practice and you really showed grace and poise as you navigated your way through a difficult series of standing, back bending and twisting postures.

I was thrill to hear how many of you are out in the field teaching.  Yoga is such an amazing blessing that brings brings many benefits -for most among them all, Peace.  I am so happy that you are able to share in that peace.

I am still in the process of securing a location for our next monthly session as the consulate center is currently occupied. Most likely, we will be at the church on 6th and Adams on the 19th of July, Saturday from 10-12.  Once again, I’d invite and encourage you and your friends to come and experience some of the most dynamic yoga teaching happening in Denver.  Please join us in our Donation Based Yoga Extravaganza!


Dear Yoga Students,

This is Derik from Axis Yoga Trainings. I want to once again announce and invite you to our  ongoing, donation only, classes.  These classes are held once a month and are an ideal opportunity to deepen your practice and view yoga from a totally new perspective!

Our next session is scheduled for this Sat, May 15th and will feature Postures for the Spring Season.  Yoga practices can be constructed to suite any constitution, season or phase of life.  Come and experience a spring time session.  Derik will be teaching.

Saturday, May 15th 9:00-11:00am

Consulate Healing Center.

750 E. 9th Ave –Cross St. is 9th and Clarkson.
Convenient Capitol Hill Location.

Donation Only!
Look forward to seeing you there!


In Mid April 2010 I had the opportunity to teach a yoga workshop at the Canebrake, located just outside of Tulsa Oklahoma.  The workshop was part of a final project I had been putting together for one of my Teachers, Tias Little.  The project marked the completion of his 200-hr yoga teacher training program, and more than fulfilled the 20 hr. requirement.

What follows is a detailed account of my experience preparing for and delivering a three day yoga retreat.  With the exception of a few minor edits, it is the exact paper that I finally submitted to Tias.  I’ve broken the paper down into manageable segments (1-9).  I hope you find the entries insightful.  I know it was an enriching experience for myself.


Fall Winter 09-10 044Tucked away in the long stretches of pasture outside of Tulsa Oklahoma there is a small retreat/resort center called the Canebrake. The Canebrake is unique to this part of the world in that it is build on principles of environmental sustainability, features a gourmet restaurant and is home to the area’s only yoga studio –The Yoga Barn.

The owner of the studio, Lisa Bracken, invited me to come and teach a workshop at The Barn in 2008 and then most recently in April of 2010. Having taught a number of workshops in different parts of the country, I accepted her invitation with a mixture of confidence and apprehension. I felt confident that I could do a great job but nervous as to how I was going to pull it off. How I pulled it off is the subject of this paper.