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3 Natural Cures for Pain Caused by Inflammation - Axis Yoga Denver Cleanse and Detox

Inflammation. The source of pain and three things you can do about it!


We often hear a lot about “inflammation” but what does that really mean? Inflammation starts on a cellular level and involves a cascade of chemical reactions in the body that lead to aches and pains. Inflammation can occur anywhere in the body; our digestive system, our cardiovascular system, our musculoskeletal system and even our brain. We see evidence of excessive inflammation in conditions like Crohn’s disease, Alzheimers and Arthritis.

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The foods we eat influence these chemical mediators that lead to inflammation in our bodies.  It turns out that there are foods that can change the production of these mediators and decrease inflammation & disease in our bodies.

3 Natural Cures for Pain Caused by Inflammation

  • Berries– all kinds! Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. These foods are a type of bioflavonoid and are high in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are high in antioxidants and have strong free radical scavenging capabilities. In both in vitro and in vivo research trials, anthocyanins have demonstrated marked ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation and to inhibit tumor formation.
  • Turmeric – The rhizome (underground stem) of Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family, yields the yellow spice turmeric. It has long been used in India and Asia as an herbal medicine and food and has played an important role in Eastern cultures. Specifically the active constituent of turmeric root,  curcumin has many anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric can be used as a tea and is also found in many curries and sauces.
  • Sardines– Yep, you read it correctly. Those little fish in a can are loaded with nutrients. Sardines provide the highest source of essential omega 3 fatty acids which we know are protective against heart disease, are good for your brain and compete directly against pro inflammatory foods to benefit arthritis. Sardines are also high in calcium that is easily absorbed in your body.  Sardines provide a high amount of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has been shown to improve calcium absorption, help with mood disorders and protect against certain cancers like colon and breast cancer.

There are many things that we can incorporate into our diets that will lower inflammation in our bodies and help us stave off disease. Please consider joining me in my upcoming anti-inflammatory diet program and learn how to take control of your aches and pains through food and nutrition!


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It was suggested in the Ayurvedic Home Remedies book to drink warm milk before bed. Considering that I prefer not to drink dairy milk, I substituted with almond milk. I thought this was also a good idea since the book also suggested that one add blanched or crushed almond to their warm milk as well. Moreover, I would also stir in nutmeg and cardamom. I enjoyed this nighttime concoction because I wasn’t drinking tea before bed and consuming.

One remedy I did begin with, but did not continue, was garlic milk. To put it simply, it was gross and I didn’t want to drink it.

Another dietary element I added to my daily routine was cherry juice. The book however, stated to eat a dozen or so cherries a day, yet it was not cherry season. Needless to say, I bought pure cherry juice from the store. I figured it would have near the same vitamins that help decrease fatigue and insomnia. I drank about a cup a day.

Lastly, I would not eat any food about four hours before bed. This way my digestive process would not keep me awake.

Diet, Daily Routine and Dharma. These 3 “D”s were what made all the difference for one Axis Yoga Teacher Training student. For the final experiment of the training this student aimed high, creating a plan to bringing forth the life that was meant to be. Read how this one experiment has created a life-long endeavor to live as one was put on this earth to live.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha
This quote illuminates my intentions going into my personal experiment. Throughout the course of this training, I have realized that my emotions run unbridled throughout my being and my body is lethargic and at the whim of cravings I feel helpless to control. As a result, my mind is incredibly muddled, hazy, and teaming with anxiety and confusion. The focus of my personal experiment was upon integrating many of the aspects of yoga that have been highlighted in the training (Sadhana, Meditation, Asana, Ayurveda), to move far beyond simply doing the asanas to integrating yogic thinking into every aspect of life. Though this personal experiment spanned the length of 4 weeks, it has quickly turned into a life-long endeavor. I would like to share the design of my experiment and some of the preliminary results.

My experiment officially began on April 14, 2014. This was the first day that I started focusing on incorporating some of the Ayurvedic recommended practices into my daily routine. I also began to focus more on the spiritual aspect of my asana practice at the studio where I attend approximately 4 times per week. My diet was already very healthy, but I began to drink half-caffeinated coffee in a gradual process that I hoped would lead to removal of caffeine from my diet altogether. I also focused on completely eliminating processed foods from my diet. I also attempted to follow the food recommendations for my dosha (kapha) given in Vasant Lad’s book, Ayurvedic Home Remedies. This went on for 2 weeks.

On April 28th, I had an initial Ayurvedic consultation visit with Susan Bernhardt at Essence Ayurveda. This session truly inspired me to become more dedicated to Ayurvedic self-healing. At this consultation, I learned that gluten was likely causing many of the daily issues that I thought were just how life was going to be for me (constipation, gas, bloating, anxiety, depression, urinary tract infections, etc.).   Susan recommended that I do a gluten free experiment for 4-6 weeks to see if these symptoms lessened. She also recommended that I follow guidelines for the elimination of excess yeast in my digestive system. This yeast (candida) was likely causing my intense cravings for sugar. In the past these have been so bad that I feel completely helpless to ignore them. She recommended that I take Latero Flora probiotic in the morning before breakfast and a probiotic supplement or food with every meal. Susan created a customized herbal formula for me to take twice a day, apart from meals. She also made a Nasya oil that I put in my nose in the morning. This helps promote a sattvic mind and eases anxiety and depression. On April 30th, I picked up the the herbal formula, Nasya oil, and Latero Flora supplement from Susan and began my full routine on April 31st.

Morning Routine:

Wake up

Express Gratitude

Drink water, take probiotic


Wash face

Scrape tongue

Brush teeth


Swish oil (coconut)

Neti pot

Nasya oil in nose



Oil body/feet; lavender oil rubbed clockwise on soles of feet to promote digestion


Prepare for work


              Each day I try to do at least 5 minutes. Generally it ends up being 20 – 30 minutes. I start by lighting incense and doing the Gayatri mantra followed by the first 24 hand mudras. After this, I do the four purifications and sometimes another pranayama exercise. Then I begin meditation. This has been the area that I struggle with the most because my mind will often wander to what I need to accomplish for the day. Often I just sit in silence and try to focus my mind on my breath. Lately, I have been imagining all of the celestial bodies above my head. Then I breathe them into the pit of my stomach.

I recently got a copy of The Four Desires by Rod Stryker. I’m really excited about the journey that this book will guide me through. I am currently on the first exercise where-in I work to uncover my dharma. I have ordered the CDs that go along with the book and I’m excited to do the guided meditations using this resource.


I continue to go at least 4 times per week to my yoga studio. I try to get to the studio a little early so that I can focus on my mind and set my intention for my practice before class begins. I’ve also started to close my eyes more often while I practice and look around me as little as possible. I also listen to my body and don’t feel that I need to do everything that the instructor cues. I have made it my own practice. I ensure that I lay in shavasana for about 10 minutes after the class is done.

Dietary Changes

Going completely gluten-free is not very difficult when I am cooking for myself at home. I was already very close to gluten-free prior to the experiment. It becomes slightly more difficult when going out to eat and hanging out with friends. However, I am already seeing the benefits to my digestive system and it is no longer with it to me to compromise my overall feelings of lightness and wellbeing for a piece of bread or a cookie. I also eliminated soy milk from my diet. Though it is gluten-free, it is hard for the body to digest. I switched instead to rice milk.

Eliminating sugar has been slightly more difficult. Prior to my consultation with Susan, I was eating a lot of fruit on a daily basis and using a lot of raw honey to sweeten hot drinks. After my consultation, I began to limit my fruit intake to 2-3 servings per day of non-acidic fruit (apples, pears, mangos). I now keep a ½ tsp. near the honey and only use that much to sweeten my hot beverages. Overall, I limit raw honey consumption to 2 Tbsp. per day.

Eliminating caffeine has not been as difficult as I thought. I was dreading it but considering that I had weaned down to half-caffeinated coffee, it seemed the next logical step. I switched to herbal rooibos chai in the morning. The first day or two were a little rough in the morning. I could definitely tell that my body didn’t know what to think. I felt simultaneously lethargic and antsy. I am now caffeine free. I still think that I will enjoy a cup of coffee every once in a while, probably when I go out for brunch or as a special treat. Even then, I will make a point to have half-caffeinated as a reminder to myself that I don’t want to go back to being addicted to caffeine. I had been drinking coffee on a daily basis for many years and was unable to function without it.

There are many herbs in my customized herbal supplement that Susan created. They assist with all kinds of issues (digestion, elimination, skin, menstruation, joints, anxiety/depression, urination and countless others). I will admit that it’s probably the most digusting tasting stuff that I’ve ever eaten but since I researched each herb I feel a commitment to taking it because I know the benefits that it is giving my body. I take 1 tsp. twice per day apart from meals.


              It has been 2 weeks since I started the full routine. Overall, my body feels wonderful. This is a very stressful time in my life as I prepare to move across the country, leave my job, and step into the complete unknown. I have no idea what I am doing next and there is so much work to be done to get everything ready for this transition. Given the fact that this is an incredibly stressful time, I do feel a sense of mental calmness about 50% of the time. The other 50% is mentally stressful and full of anxiety. However, I am getting more effective at implementing breathing techniques to calm myself in these times of anxiety. I am also relying on the constancy and support of this daily routine to get me through. I am committed to focusing on my overall health so that I can have a clear and strong mind.

I believe that this will lead me to my dharma and to finally finding happiness. I realized over the course of this experiment that I have been incredibly unhappy for 10+ years. I am not living the life that I want to live and I am not the passionate, compassionate, fun-loving person that I was meant to be. This has got to change, not just for myself but for my partner, my family, my community, and the world. Through the process of this experiment, I began the steps toward changing my life to be the way it was meant to be.