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In recent years, I found myself loading up on a lot of processed foods and diet sodas for periods of time until I would feel awful and sluggish and then I would go through bouts of healthy eating where I would make all of my food at home with no processed or “chemical-ized” foods.  This cycle would continuously repeat itself with no rhyme or reason and very little awareness on my part.  I knew that this was not healthy nor was the amount of diet soda I was taking in.  As my first step in this experiment, I knew I had to cut the diet soda.  I had to face the fact that I was addicted to the caffeine and/or chemicals in Diet Coke.  I really had no idea how much diet soda I was taking in until I said I was not going to drink it.  I sure was surprised when I went through intense caffeine withdrawal.  The withdrawal was so severe; I would liken it to quitting smoking.  I was not pleasant to be around as friends, co-workers, and studio mates discovered.