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A look at the benefits of regular mediation

Why Meditate?

It was only a couple of decades ago that meditation was regarded as something reserved for mystical spiritual seekers; it had something to do with eating brown rice with tofu.

Now, it is practiced everywhere from pre-schools to prisons, from hospitals to monasteries. It can even be found on the cover of Newsweek and Time magazines.

Why this dramatic shift from kumbaya to mainstream media?

The answer is very simple.

Meditation implicitly makes life more enjoyable.  Meditation teaches how to deliberately move from mental, even physical tension into a place of peace and clarity.  Meditation is like a best friend that will never abandon you, a friend that is always there for you in any and all circumstances.

How is this possible?

Our mind is at the cornerstone of all of our life experience. You are what you think. Two people can experience the exact same event and experience it in two totally different ways, based on their unique mental constitutions.  The mind is the ruling force of our perception and interpretation of all life experiences.

Through meditation it is possible to reprogram our thought process, to let go of needless distractions, to give you the mental stamina to overcome adversity, attract favorable circumstances and expand your capacity to experience peace.

Here are three basic tips to get you started on the path of inner freedom:

  1. Have a teacher.  There are many automated resources out there to help you get started on the path of meditation, however I would encourage you to find a teacher with can give you some outside eyes, answer your questions, and provide a living example of what a committed meditation practice looks like.
  2. Regular practice.  Just like learning any discipline, meditation takes practice.  If you want to learn to play the violin, you need to practice.  If you want to learn how to run of four minute mile, you need to practice.  If you want to learn to master your own thought waves…. you need to practice. Consistency is the key.  It is hard to make any meaningful progress if your practice is sporadic.  Aim for meditation daily, ideally at the same time and place.  This will build a powerful groove of association that will radically deepen your practice.
  3. Life off the cushion.  At first we do yoga/meditation to enrich our lives.Then we do our life to enrich our yoga/meditation.  Meditation helps to shine the light of awareness on our habits and tendencies.  With this insight we are better able to make choices that support our life and in so doing support our meditation practice. 

The beauty of meditation is that nothing outside of ourselves is required.  If we can think and breath, we can learn to meditate. How conscious are we of our thoughts?  How intentional are we about our decisions?  Are we in-touch with our creative capacities?  Meditation can help us to answer these questions and many more, provided we are willing to practice.  A world of awakening awaits you.


Going Deeper with Meditation


Got Peace?  Have you ever felt anxious, or lay at wake at night thinking your way in endless circles?  Learning how to direct and live in harmony with one’s own mind is an essential life skill.  Meditation teaches us how to gain mastery over one’s (discursive) mind and experience deeper levels of peace and fulfillment.  Mainline into the source of all happiness with practice of meditation.

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