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The Ayurveda experiment that I propose entails practicing diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing, regularly in the morning, prior to sleep and at times of stress or anxiety. I feel anxious and overwhelmed much of the time and I would like to feel more peaceful and serene. After taking the Dosha quiz, found in The Complete Book of Aryuvedic Home Remedies, by Vasant D. Lad, I understand that my constitution type is mostly Vata. According to Aryuvedic medicine, my anxiety and stress is caused by an imbalance of Vata. If I find ways to bring my Vata into balance, then I will feel less anxious and more peaceful.

My Hypothesis is that, by practicing belly breathing to start and end the day, at times when I begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed, will allow me to experience clarity and calmness and be able to balance my emotions and attain a sense of peace and serenity.

Because stressful situations and the feelings of anxiety can strike at any time and be quite sudden and unexpected, any methods that I employ to calm myself must be easily accessible, portable – requiring few props, and must be available to be performed anywhere at any time. I plan to start my day and end my day on a calming and positive note by using reflection and belly breathing. As feelings of stress and anxiety develop throughout the day, I plan to use belly breathing to calm my nerves and bring myself back to a sense of peace.