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Observation: I have a tendency to rush, taking moments, meals and other aspects of my days for granted, which leaves me feeling stressed, impatient and out of balance.

Hypothesis: Beginning my day with a gratitude practice and weaving gratitude into my daily routine (with mindful eating and a bedtime gratitude practice), would help me slow down, appreciate what I have, and process experiences (including meals) in a more balanced way.


On the practical realm, after practicing panchakarma, I have noticed that my ears no longer itch (a sign that my seasonal allergies have diminished) and that I am probably five pounds lighter. Unfortunately, after the cleanse, I am experiencing more symptoms associated with IBS than I had pre-cleanse. (post continued on next page)

Tongue scrapping and Gargling with sesame oil; This has been pretty easy to do the gargling with oil was a bit strange at first because it is so thick but after a few times I got used to it. The tongue scrapping was gross as my tongue is coated most mornings. I am not sure if it has improved is now because I didn’t check it before the experiment. This practice has become necessary for me now because if I don’t do it, I feel like I haven’t finished brushing my teeth. I will continue to do both in the future.